General Overview of Transactions

The transactions of your customers and Sub-Resellers are maintained in separate tables as separate views. There are four different types of transactions. Namely Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes and Debit Notes.

  • Invoices and Debit Notes: Each depict the amount of money your Customer/Sub-Reseller owes you

  • Receipts and Credit Notes: Each depict money your customer has paid you, or you have credited to his account

Each of these are discussed in far more detail separately. In this section we deal with a general overview of Transactions.

In your Control Panel you will be able to access various different list views for viewing Transactions of your Customers and Sub-Resellers. Here are some of the ways you can see transactions of your Customers and Sub-Resellers

  • To view Pending Invoices and Debit Notes of your Customers or Sub-Resellers, you can click the Billing Sub-menu in the respective Menus for Customers and Sub-Resellers and then click Pending Payment.

  • Alternatively, under this Billing Sub-menu, you can choose List Transactions to list all types of transactions, or Search Transactions in order to narrow down to a specific one.

  • Transactions of a Specific Customer or Sub-Reseller are also accessible from the Customer or Sub-Reseller Details view.

  • If there are any Pending unpaid Invoices for an Order, those are visible in that Order Details view too.

All transaction List views contain the list of transactions as well as search through transactions.

In any List view, you can click the description of the transaction to check the Details view of that transaction. The Details view of the transaction allows you to perform actions specific to the transaction type. For instance, the Details view of an Invoice allows you to pay for the Invoice, cancel it, execute any associated requests, etc.

The most important type of Transactions are Invoices. Make sure you check out the detailed sections on all aspects related to Invoices in order to make full use of all the features available to you.